Building the Garage - Building the Garage

Garage Foundations

We decided to build a separate 2 car garage, with a workshop and storage room on the side, located to the left of the main house.

The process of building the garage was the same as the house: digging holes for footings, making rebar, pouring concrete, building up the footings, and soil infill.

This build ran in parallel to the house build. When we had some time free, or were waiting for supplies for the main house, we redirected the staff to work on the garage.

In the gallery below, you can see the garage area being stringed out, holes for footing being dug, along with pouring concrete for the footings and, columns and horizontal beams.

Finally, soil is infilled between the horizontal beams, so that a concrete floor can be poured.

Pouring the Concrete Floor

The next part of the build of the garage involved pouring 10cm of concrete to make the floor. Rebar rolls were laid underneath for reinforcement.

Garage Roof Metal Beams and Tiles

It’s time for the roof structure to be built. First the metal is painted in rust proof paint, then the horizontal beams are welded onto the top of the concrete columns. The welding is done to the rebar that makes up the inside of the concrete columns.

After the metal beams are in place, then the roof structure can be built. We opted for a simple slanted pyramid roof, with an overhand of 2ft off the sides so rain can fall freely.

After the roof structure is built, it’s time for the roof tiles. All buildings on the land use the same light grey concrete tiles.

Garage Walls

Next up in the build was the walls. As with the main house, we opted for a double brick wall with insulation inside.

My husband did some of the bricklaying, when our staff were busy working on the main house.

Finishing Off the Garage

As we moved towards the end of the garage build, the remaining things that had to be done were the outside render eaves under the roof and painting. We chose a sunny light yellow color, as for the main house.

Inside the garage, we needed to install the electrical wiring, ceiling, render the walls, and make some shelving. Also two roller doors were installed.

Garage Floor, Roller Doors and Outside Concrete

Nearing the end of the build, we still had to install the two roller doors, lay the floor tiles, and put a concrete perimeter on the outside.

We also completed all the shelving inside, and installed two wooden doors for access from the sides.

The garage proved very valuable as the build of the house, fences and garden continued, as we could now safely and cleanly store all the building materials we used.


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