Building the Fence - Building fence 54

We looked at a number of different options for the fence. Everything from a full concrete and brick one, to a simple barbed wire fence. We decided on the middle ground – prefab concrete poles, barbed wire, and bamboo fence panels. 

We found a shop that supplies the concrete poles we needed at a reasonable price. The poles we used were 3 metre high, 4 inch wide reinforced concrete. 

We also looked for termite protection and a wooden stain to protect the fence panels.

Installing the posts

We started building the perimeter fence as soon as the poles arrived. It’s a simple fence, made of prefabricated concrete poles spaced 10 feet apart, some barbed wire strands, and bamboo fence panels. 

As the staff were busy on the main house build, my husband and I did many of the work ourselves.

Setting the posts in concrete

Once the poles were spaced and dug into the ground, we ordered a concrete truck and poured the foundations in.

It was a wet and dirty few days, with lots of rain and big muddy puddles everywhere. But we got it done in the end.

Installing barb wire

We used barb wire both for security, and to give support and structure for the poles. They also provide an anchor point for the bamboo panels.

Buying bamboo panels

As with the poles, it took a while to find a shop that could supply the number and size of panels we needed.

Most panels for sale had a spacing between the bamboo verticals, but we wanted our fence to be more sturdy and not see-through, so we had to make the panels custom.

Installing bamboo panels

It took a few weeks for the shop to make all the panels we needed. However, it have plenty of time for the concrete poles to set, and the barb wire to be installed.

As soon as the bamboo panels were delivered, we started installing them. They were surprisingly heavy and difficult to carry, especially around the sides and back of the land, where the rice fields were flooded.

Protecting the bamboo panels

Since termites are a big problem on the land, we had to apply ample amounts of termite protection. After that, the bamboo fence panels were stained in order to preserve them from weathering.

Planting trees along the fences

As the last part of the build, and as part of making the garden, we planted lots of shrubs and trees along the perimeter fence, both inside and outside.

It involved some work in clearing and straightening the soil around the perimeter fence as well.


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