Building the Front Gate - Front Fence done 2

First we had to dig holes for the foundations of the front fence and gate, then make the footings, pour concrete, make the columns and fill in the soil.

Front fence beams and poles

Next step was to make the rebar for the horizontal beams and poles, put on the forms, and pour concrete.

Electrical wires for the fence lights and gate motor

My husband connected the conduits for the electrics for the front fence. This was to have lights on the pillars, and for the motor to open the gate.

Bricks for the pillars and fence

Next job was making the pillars for the front fence. We have a total of 6 pillars. We got a truck full of red bricks delivered for the pillars.

Sliding front gate

For the front gate to slide, it had to be on wheels, and we needed to dig a trench, put in a metal rail, and concrete it up.

In order to make the sliding front gate, we had to cut metal and weld it to size. Once the conwood panels were fitted to it, it was incredible heavy. 

The front side gate was made in a similar fashion. 

Build the post box

We build and render the post box.

Render the front fence

In order to have a nice finished look, we put render on the front brick fence. All that was let to do, was apply paint closer to the end of the build.

Final coat of paint

With the driveway finished, a final coat of light yellow paint was applied to the front fence and gate.


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