The Land and Infill - The Land and Infill

We found the land!

After many months of searching, we found our dream block of land. It’s located in San Kamphaeng, about 15 miles to the east of the centre of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In Thailand, it measures “3 rai”. Converted into US measurements, its 0.48 hectares, or 1.19 acres. It has the benefit of being outside the main city, has great views, is surrounded by rice fields, and is very peaceful

Soil infill work begins...

First job was to get the level of the land up to the road level. If we didn’t do this, every rainy season the land would flood. 

When building in Thailand, it’s very important to get the land at least as high as the road, if not higher.

We used about 300 trucks of soil over a week or so, before using a tractor to compress and level the soil.

In the hot daytime sun, we were so lucky to have the large tree at the front of the land on the main road. That’s me holding out first baby daughter in the shade.

Pretty Views

During rice growing season, which happens two times per year, the surrounding fields get flooded by water so that rice can be planted and grow. The view is gorgeous, and one of my favorite things about living here.

Infill Continues

After the main soil infill for the house was compete, we progressively continued filling in the rest of the land. 


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